If You’ve Made it This Far

If you’ve made it this far,

You’ve made it this far

It’s not easy

I’m sure there were times

Maybe you wanted out

to give up to give in to say it’s not worth it

I’m better off gone

but you’re not gone, you’re here

Thank God for you!

You are wonderful!

There’s no time like the present

Start making a difference

You are the pebble in the pond the endless ripple

Go out and touch the lives of many

who will benefit from your light

Expel the darkness

It’s a new day

Live it to the full

Under the Bus

If there is ever a metaphorical bus of self-deprecation,

I have an awful tendency of throwing myself under it.

Some sick part of my brain calls it humility

but the truth is, if this were an actual bus,

it would be considered suicide.

Depression is definitely in the family,

I’m well familiar with it,

So I know I have tendency to dumpster dive

right into danger’s way-

not out of heroism, but just cuz

my brain is stupid.

I want to be a hero, a true hero.

I suppose the first step is to save myself,

so then I can be here tomorrow to save others.