A Man After God’s Own Heart

Read Samuel 1 & 2


David was a fascinating character:

an outsider, a warrior, a poet, and a lover

a re-occuring sinner

and a “man after God’s own heart”


When someday tells you

“you gotta be one thing or the other,

you can’t be both”

Look to David

You’re a multi-faceted diamonds


We are many things at many times at many people

Half the fun is finding who those people might be.

7 of My Favorite Things

Some of my favorite things:

-Jesus Christ (glimpses of the depth of His love and mercy, plus whispers from the Holy Spirit)

-Exercise (soccer, weights, read-walks, running, hiking)

-Sunshine (the warmer, the better)

-Food (esp. Mexican, Japanese, and phở, plus In-n-Out)

-People (all walks of life, whoever wants to have a good conversation)

-Music (esp. 70’s folk, Hillsong, show tunes, and the Wheeland Brothers)

-Nature (esp. mountain forests and ocean adventures)

What are some of yours?

We’re Complicated

I’ve been on the inside. I’ve been on the out.

Let me tell you this:

That golden veneer, it’s only that.

Inside, it’s we’re all cracked,

we have all the same wear and tear.

And that ugly mask? the hideous shadow?

it hides a heart of gold.

We are all complex beings,

having both the divine and the grotesque inside us.

Will we dare to get to know each other enough,

to see both and still love?

Shadow People

It’s easy to live in shadows. We’ll have full conversations, live lifetimes with people that aren’t really there.

We’ll celebrate victories we’ve never had, fear obstacles we’ve never faced.

We’ll content ourselves or beat ourselves up for being people we aren’t at all.

My friends, shed light on the shadow people. Seek truth where it can be found.

Life is meant to be experienced not in imagined experiences, but in real events we can learn from and savor.

Mark of the Maker

I think it’s funny: we believe our deficiencies disqualify us from official ministry. Yet, God is not interested in our lack. Sometimes musicians will make intentional “mistakes” in their tracks just to prove it wasn’t a pre-recorded track. Some of the most valuable collectors items are the ones with a flaw in the casting.

Yes, we are called to remove impurities from our souls; but, many of the things that distinguish us, that make us unique, are the things we most often want to hide. God knows who we are. Our task, as humans, is to find the same, to celebrate it, and to toast to  the Maker who crafted us this way.

Drinking Dobrá with Jeremy

We sit in the tea shop. Jeremy reflects on his mission trip and the vacation that followed.

“It’s funny,” he said, “when I went to Kentucky, I wondered what I would do there, and they told me ‘just be.’ When I went to Hawaii, I was searching for a feeling, and missed all the wonderful things I did.”

Life isn’t one thing or the other. Every situation calls for a different response. The trick is to listen, to be present, and let God instruct us on the specific way we should go.