Mark of the Maker

I think it’s funny: we believe our deficiencies disqualify us from official ministry. Yet, God is not interested in our lack. Sometimes musicians will make intentional “mistakes” in their tracks just to prove it wasn’t a pre-recorded track. Some of the most valuable collectors items are the ones with a flaw in the casting.

Yes, we are called to remove impurities from our souls; but, many of the things that distinguish us, that make us unique, are the things we most often want to hide. God knows who we are. Our task, as humans, is to find the same, to celebrate it, and to toast to  the Maker who crafted us this way.

Multifaceted You

Don’t tell yourself you’re changing

Not counting a serious life event,

you’ll always be you.

The expression may change and that’s it.

Just have fun.

And if you ever tell yourself I’ve got nothing to offer,

refer back to the first segment.

And play around with it!

The expression of your unique combination of genes

and experiences may astound even you.

The Performance of a Lifetime

My wife and I were watching a documentary on a burlesque troupe the other day.

I loved, as the narrative unfolded, the reoccuring themes that began to appear.

They spoke of freedom, of expression, of overpowering the shame hurled upon us by the powers that be.

We all have a unique gift to share with the world. Though we are always tempted to conform, even in art, to express ourselves only in ways we think we ought to act, think, and behave.

But there is richness to be found in self-discovery, a heavenly wink found as we uncover who we really are (and who we are not).

We think if we give the audience what they want, they will be happy; but they will be happier still if we give them what is true.

IF we are alive and engaged, it frees the audience up to do the same.

God’s Scarlet Thread

I love old songs and stories

Even with old hymns, you’ll find there are a hundred different versions

In days past, the idea of story was much more about the conveyance

of individual ownership rather than empirical data.

So, depending on the region and the dialect, you could experience the story in a

whole new way.

That’s why I think it’s so fascinating looking at the Scriptures with a strictly Western


The word “inerrant” gets throw around a lot, and I agree that you CAN TOTALLY

rely upon the Bible as your rock and guiding light,

but as I look at the Gospels and even things like Genesis 1 & 2,

I see something beyond equations, a “by the book” approach

I see God working uniquely in the lives of each and every one of these storytellers

to bring about a handcrafted, wonderful experience.

People may never see life the same way you do or we do,

but half the beauty of life is seeing where these stories meet and where they


and seeing that through all of it is the scarlet thread of God.



I Hold the Diamond that is My Soul

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.17.17 AM

I hold the diamond that is my soul.

I hold it close, then let it go

It spins and swirls inside the wind

with sunlit surface glistenin’.

Even I am in awe of it,

for it is quite magnificent.

Mine, yet not mine

it belongs to all,

until, at, last to the Earth it falls

and I ascend to realms above

held close inside the Savior’s love.

So, enjoy my soul as you will;

soak it in; have your fill.

I will do the same with yours,

reveling in the workings of the LORD,

Who gives to all and takes away,

meticulously perfecting

all He surveys.