Chiquita Me

I want to be a banana
So appealing
to be on a tropical island somewhere
with “heyhey we’re the monkeeeeeys”

Cold is no good.
Except if I’m boarding
down the slope
and the blood is flood and the wind is going
through my short hair.

So, no, if I’m standing still
or anything like that,
give me heat, give me warmth
gimme love

Chiquita me, please
I’m ready for a summer vacation.

Drinking Dobrá with Jeremy

We sit in the tea shop. Jeremy reflects on his mission trip and the vacation that followed.

“It’s funny,” he said, “when I went to Kentucky, I wondered what I would do there, and they told me ‘just be.’ When I went to Hawaii, I was searching for a feeling, and missed all the wonderful things I did.”

Life isn’t one thing or the other. Every situation calls for a different response. The trick is to listen, to be present, and let God instruct us on the specific way we should go.