Brag in Your Defeats

Brag not just in your victories, but also in your defeats

For the entire world is full of sunny days

and if we are wont to announce our cloudy ones,

people should consider themselves broken

if they happen meet a tinge of shade.

We are not always champions,

it is natural to hit points of exhaustion.

So, the higher up you go, make sure to

lets others know

that you too get low

as you sprout up and grow

to Heaven.

I Like to Live Dangerously

I’m always amazed by risk takers.

Some who know what they are getting into, others just dive in blind.

Of course, it’s good to be safe, but breaking down borders,

exceeding expectations, pushing the envelope beyond where the safety net lies.

These are the dreamers, these are the inspirers

these are the scouts, the trailblazers, and the visionaries

I am so grateful for all of them,

for because of them I see through the hedges,

to a bright view of tomorrow.

How lovely it is!



It’s Okay to Run

Remember, sometimes it’s okay to run

when the building is burning down,

you don’t say, “I’m gonna stare this fire down,”

you get the heck outta there.

Be brave but be sensible.

The Spirit is wise and kind,

if He wants you facing down giants, you’ll take them down

If He wants you gone, just go.

No shame in that.

Time is Game of Jenga

Time is a game of Jenga

Even if you could take out a bit of the past,

how do you know it is not a supporting structure

upon which many other blocks rest?

How terrible would it be to take out one unsavory element

only to see everything else come toppling down

in its absence?

We are who we are: finite creatures caught up

in the gears of time,

yet we relish in the knowledge that one day

Time itself will dissolve and its whole game will be packed up

and taken away,

by the One who began it all.

So, God teach me to play the game well, to move onward,

to lean on your for peace and guidance

when the game really seems to hard to win.

No Matter What

Some people think we will be raptured out

when times get back.

Some people think we will have to face the darkness

til the night is through.

Both have argue fairly compelling arguments.

The fact remains, today, we will have seasons

where we experience both:

seasons where we must face the giants

and seasons we are saved from them.

I guess the main question is, do we have faith enough in God

that He will sustain us no matter what occurs?