To the Utmost

It is the nature of God to reveal Himself

It is the nature of man to try to conceal Him

His fingerprint is everywhere,

in the rocks, trees, and air

Man covers the universe in concrete and steel,

he erects walls

while God builds bridges

Jesus Christ being the ultimate bridge

between holy God and His fallen children.

Man covers over the cross with outstretched hands,

claiming “I am god”

Yet the true God remains always before us,

waiting, inviting us in,

wanting us to experience Him

to the utmost.


Project 12: “The Wall”

Hello everyone!

I am proud to show you the Project 12 Film Series‘ latest film, “The Wall,” written, directed, and filmed by my friend, Brian Vann. It is a fantastic movie harkening back to the late 60’s/early 70’s educational films.

My job was to add music to the film. As per the time period, I decided to create a bossa nova, a Latin groove iconic to that era. Fun fact: to complement the “construction” theme, the shaker is actually a spray can. (Warning: using your spray can as a shaker will make your house smell like nail polish. =D )

I sincerely hope you enjoy this light, entertaining film!

Blessings to you in Christ,