Let me Be your Sweater

Let me be your

Favorite Sweater
Comfortable & Warm,
forever borrowed,
constantly worn.
Alien yet familiar,
of unknown origin
& full of stories
Toss me in the back of your
Let’s go on adventures
to mountains and valleys
you have always wanted to face
Put me on in the cold dark place
Full of fear & regret & tears,
Where you go to
when you’re alone
It’s full of sacred solitude,
unadulterated by casual conversation
a place where you need somebody
but don’t want anybody
because it’s fragile as
a whisper in the wind
a place you don’t want to introduce
further devastation,
a place you don’t know who to trust with
a place where no GPS can find,
Take me there, bring me with
let’s face the demons together
and find out they’re just teddy bears
take me to that place,
it’ll be all right,
I’ll be your sweater.
I’ll keep you warm.