Menudo and Jesus

We Mexicans love

our bonus material

the brain, the tongue,

the intestine, the fat

it’s all incredibly delicious

and respects the whole animal

not just the pretty parts

Nothing goes to waste

So too does nothing go

to waste with God

our bodies our experiences

the way we speak and think

nothing is overlooked

Our habit is to disregard that part of us

or ignore this experience

so that we can come up with a commercially viable

and easily identifiable product

the fact of the matter is it is all

part of a design, mind-blowing and seemingly unrelated

as it may appear.

We must continue to look to God

for answers,

lest we settling for picking through life

looking for all the pretty bits.


Brother Earth, Sister Sky

We are men of the dirt,
derived from the earth
and one day returning thereto.
We are blood and sweat and tears
we are dreamers and we are
We are looking a way to defy gravity
to rise up above ourselves
now and forevermore
You are women of the sky,
ethereal, majestic
you see is us in the dirt
and take pity on us
See our pain and nurse our wounds
You are fragile, and so are we
though in different ways
Together, we protect our frail
existence and wrap it with warm
We make a home for ourselves,
together on this misbegotten loam
and we find contentment in our days
Complementing each other,
completing each other
As we were designed to do
ever since the First Day,
when man was taken
from the dust.