A few months back, my wife bought a FitBit-type apparatus

It tracks how many steps she takes per day;

sets a weekly step goal;

and beeps whenever she has been sitting too long.

Her persistence to the program has yielded amazing results

She is fitter than ever, has a huge boost in energy,

and relishes the competition of meeting and exceeding her step goal

each week.

In everything worth pursuing in life,

I think we need a FitBit,

keeping us on track,

giving us steady encouragement to succeed,

and giving tangible goals that we can celebrate.

It’s so easy to base our success of fictions,

fictions too low that we never really achieve our true potential

or fictions too high that we simply give up out of pure dismay.

While we pursue these fictions,

the FitBit is waiting, extending its silent invitation

to rise to its challenge and reap its rewards.

LORD, be my FitBit. Keep me accountable to my calling.

Challenge me. Encourage me. Let me know how I can grow

in You.

Freelance: How to Maintain Productivity When Your Employer is Yourself

How do we work like this?

Summary: Business is still business no matter what wrapping you put on it.

In a lot of creative ventures, you are your own employer. The amount of work you do determines how much you will get paid that month. On the other hand, nobody is there to make you do the work. This can be the best or worse thing ever to happen to you.

The American ideal nowadays is to be self-employed. I think, ever since the advent of the laptop and cell phone, we have had the itch to go wherever we want, whenever we want, and make our fortunes at our own convenience.

Independence is not a bad thing, but it does isolate us from the community of workers with whom we once associated. It also separates us from bosses us pushing us to meet that deadline. When you are freelance, you have to be your own boss. That means, essentially, you have to treat yourself like an employee sometimes. Set an alarm. Dress up. Look nice. Even if you are only walking from your bedroom to your office, come to work prepared. Make sure your workspace is clean. Your head is clear. And your attitude is positive. You are a working professional, so act like it.

If you have trouble doing that, find an outside means of motivation. Maybe it’s the old carrot-on-a-string (treat at the end of the day), maybe it’s asking a friend or former colleague to check up on you, maybe its an app. Whatever it takes, keep yourself motivated. After all, in a company of one, only you are the one to blame when the ball gets dropped.

Note: If you are one of those who does work in a non-home environment, be respectful of the place in which you are working. Don’t take up one spot for too long. Make sure to make a decent order and tip the servers well (when applicable).

And always remember, it is never bad to prefer a more traditional work environment, either. Remember: if it has worked for this long, chances are it will keep working in the future!

Blessings to you in Christ,