Chutes & Ladders

We all have flaws

Things we need to work on

but if we start with a mindset of brokenness

We’ll always be swimming upstream

Exhausting yourself

trying to keep up with the invisible Joneses

Instead, focus on Jesus

approach life with a perspective of self-love

Then life will become more a celebration,

and invitation

Rather than a do-or-die situation

where every failure

sets you back a billion paces

This is not chutes-and-ladders, folks

It’s your life

Live it well

A Nice Ring to It

She walked into the manager’s office. Surely, she’d done something wrong.

Why else would she be here?

“Take a seat,” said the manager.

His gaze was mysterious. She could not read him.

She sat.

“You’ve been with us a while,” he said.

“Seven years,” she said.

“You’ve put in a lot of hours,” he said.

“Sixty a week,” she said.

“The head of your department is stepping down,” he said,

“you should consider applying.”

She shrunk back.

“Me?” she said.

“Yes,” he said, “we appreciate the work you’ve put in.”

She hadn’t thought of herself as management material, but the moment he said it, it just made sense.

“Thank you. I will,” she said.

Manager: it had a nice ring to it.





A few months back, my wife bought a FitBit-type apparatus

It tracks how many steps she takes per day;

sets a weekly step goal;

and beeps whenever she has been sitting too long.

Her persistence to the program has yielded amazing results

She is fitter than ever, has a huge boost in energy,

and relishes the competition of meeting and exceeding her step goal

each week.

In everything worth pursuing in life,

I think we need a FitBit,

keeping us on track,

giving us steady encouragement to succeed,

and giving tangible goals that we can celebrate.

It’s so easy to base our success of fictions,

fictions too low that we never really achieve our true potential

or fictions too high that we simply give up out of pure dismay.

While we pursue these fictions,

the FitBit is waiting, extending its silent invitation

to rise to its challenge and reap its rewards.

LORD, be my FitBit. Keep me accountable to my calling.

Challenge me. Encourage me. Let me know how I can grow

in You.