Dark Figures


TWO HOODED FIGURES stare out at the horizon. The sun falls.


The dark is coming.


We will take him.

FIGURE #1 nods.


FIGURE #1 lights small fires around the campsite.


What is it like?


The dark? Evil.


But what is it like?

The FIGURE #1 does not respond.


FIGURE #1 sits and stares out into the darkness. FIGURE #2 paces.


It should be here by now.



A HISS sounds. FIGURE #1 stands.



Is that him?

FIGURE #1 stretches out his hands. LIGHT sprouts from his palms.



The hiss grows louder and louder. It is almost on top of them when it stops. FIGURE #2 spins about.


Where did it go?

With a shriek, the DARK attacks. Strikes FIGURE #1 in the chest, strikes FIGURE #2 in the face.

FIGURE #2 topples back and falls over, cradling his face.


My eyes! My eyes!

FIGURE #2 strikes the ground. He gropes about wildly.


Master, are you there? Master, please. I can’t see. Somebody. Please.


FIGURE #2 weeps over his master’s dead body. The DARK flutters away.


FIGURE #2 sits cross-legged and breathes. The fires burn around him.

TIME LAPSE: the sun rises, pinnacles, and descends on our hero.


FIGURE #2 remains sitting. The DARK takes on physical form, walks around him.


Do you give up?


Not as long as I have breath.

FIGURE #2 stands. The DARK laughs, grabs FIGURE #2’s throat.


What can you do? You are powerless.


Not as long as I am close enough to touch you.

The DARK looks down. FIGURE #2 places a hand upon his chest. LIGHT beams from FIGURE #2’s hand.



The DARK tries to get away. FIGURE #2 grabs him, hugs him tight. Light engulfs them both.


FIGURE #2 hobbles through the desert, slowly making his way through.

End of Book 2

Hi friends,

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A Tale from the Hotel Lobby

He was an older man, armed with a laptop and an ill-fitting suit. She was his junior, toting a suitcase and a pair of designer heels.

He was seated in the lobby, hacking away at emails and trying to overcome his writer’s block, when she entered, full of confidence, wearing a yellow pencil skirt and a blue blouse, her head up, her gait quick.

He would not have noticed her had he not have cocked his head back to bemoan his lack of inspiration; but, he did and he saw her. She checked in and vanished around the corner.

He saw her again at breakfast, when she came down to grab a bite. She had changed her heels for flats, the pencil skirt for something red and flowy.

There was a newlywed couple sitting at the table between them. When they got up, the man not-so-casually scooted closer to her. They talked for a bit. She got up to take a Segway tour. He returned to his novel.

She did not return until evening. He feared he might not see her again. He wrote himself into exhaustion as the words began flowing through him as if in full depth and color.

He retreated to the reading area with a glass of wine. She entered, this time wearing tan jeans and no shoes.

She picked out a book on American history and started reading. He asked her about it. They talked for a while. He offered her a glass of wine. She said yes.

They returned to the lobby and sat and drank and talked and watched people go by. He put his arm around her shoulder.




The Monster Who Believed Itself to Be Human

MonsterThere once was a monster who believed itself to be human. It lived in the mountains high above a human village. Often, it would look down from its rocky perch and gander down at the villagers milling about below. It would feel inextricably and undeniably connected to them.

Sometimes, it would venture close enough to get a good look at the village, but always it would get run off as soon as the villagers spotted it.

One evening, kneeled down and cried. It wanted to be a human so badly.

Just then, a witch appeared.

“Hello,” she said, “I am the wish witch. Give me your wish and I will grant it.”

The monster dried its big, monster eyes.

“Oh please, dear witch,” said the monster, “if you would make me a human, I would be ever so grateful.”

The witch nodded.

“Human? Certainly!” she said.

With a wave of her wand, the witch transformed the monster into a handsome young man.

“Thank you!” said the monster.

The monster kissed the witch and scurried down to village before she could get another word in.


The night the monster arrived, the village was deep in celebration for harvest-time. Cakes, pies, roast beast: all were cooking over fires and in ovens and making the most delightful smells.

The monster burst with excitement taking it all in.

Wasting no time, it joined a group of humans dancing to a fiddler’s tune. It danced until its legs grew weary. At that point, it retired to a nearby pub and drank and laughed until morning light.

As dawn broke on the village, the monster turned man wandered outside. Little did it know that the magic had rubbed off. It found out soon enough when a young, orphan girl, whose family had been eaten by monsters, saw the creature and screamed.

The monster then realized it was not flesh and blood, but scales and ooze. This realization came too late. By the time it headed for the mountains, the humans were already in hot pursuit.

They chased him up and over the mountain to the edge of a cliff. Having no other choice, the monster turned to face its pursuers.

“Please, friends. Can’t you see I’m one of you,” it said.

The villagers all shook there heads.

“No, a monster is a monster is a monster,” said the villager, “that’s just how it is.”

The villagers took another step further. The monster stepped back, but too far. It slipped on a pebble and tumbled over the cliff, into the ravine below. In shock, the villagers gather ’round the precipice and looked down.

“Just as well,” said a villager.

“Serves it right, ” said another.

Then, they went home and finished up their party.


A year passed and the strangest thing happened: on the day of the harvest, the little girl who had sounded the alarm went alone to cliff from which the monster had fallen. She was armed only with a single daisy.

“Sorry I screamed,” said the girl.

She bent over and tossed the daisy into the ravine, then she turned to go home.

“It’s okay,” said the monster. “I’m sorry I startled you.”

She turned again. The monster’s ghost materialized in front of her. She did not scream that time, but rather simply extended her hand out to it.

“Want to go home with me?” she said.

The monster reached out and took her hand.

“I would love that,” said the monster.

And they went back to the village together.